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Coconut Cake with Marshmallow Frosting

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I suppose the first thing to say is that the recipes isn’t supposed to give marshmallow frosting, it just worked out that way in my kitchen.

No, wait! The first thing to say is welcome to the first blog post written specifically for Rock Cakes! I know it seems like a weird move, splitting my blog in half, especially when my updates are barely frequent enough to sustain one blog let alone two, but hear me out. The ultimate plan, beginning late this year or early next, is to begin a home baking business. Before I can do that I have to find a space to install a tabletop dishwasher, *buy* a tabletop dishwasher (and install it, naturally), give my entire kitchen a good spring clean, replace any old utensils and chopping boards with shiny new ones and, finally, get the man or woman from the council round to make sure my flat is up to scratch. There’s a fair amount of work and  money involved, both of which will have to wait until at least September to get started. Once all that’s done I can start making cakes, alongside my day job initially, and see how I get on! I’m not kidding myself that it’ll be easy or immediately lucrative… Well, maybe I am a little bit… I wanted to register Rock Cakes because that makes much more sense as a cake company. I picture myself dropping off cakes to customers on one of those little ice cream trikes – you know, the bike with the big storage compartment strapped on? – with some kind of cool logo emblazoned on the side: ‘Another successful delivery from Rock Cakes!’. Rock Salt just wouldn’t make sense in the context of selling cake, but it does make sense for a cooking blog, and I’ve grown quite attached to it by now.

I’ve said a lot of words about that now, so I won’t say any more. I also plan on registering a relevant domain name for Rock Cakes, and possibly for Rock Salt too while I’m about it. It will all have to wait until there are fewer demands on my skull and crossbones-emblazoned wallet. What I will say is that if anyone has any feedback on the blogs, any suggestions for improving things, I’m always interested to hear them. Oh and thank you for reading! Here is a picture to reward you:

Right, the marshmallow icing. It’s supposed to be Martha Stewart’s Seven Minute Frosting, and you can follow the link to check it out. It should have set hard, like royal icing, but mine stayed soft, sticky and messy – and delicious. It was kind of like the inside of a Tunnocks teacake. If you have never had a Tunnocks teacake you must have one as soon as possible. Visit Scotland just to get one of these. Well, no, not just to get one of these, but we have lots of other good things like scenery and wildlife, so come to visit and then *get* a teacake while you’re here. And a caramel wafer. And a caramel log, which is subtly different. That is enough about Tunnocks products now.

I would be interested in making the recipe again to see if I can correct where I went wrong. I suppose it could be that I didn’t have a stand mixer at that time so I had to use a hand mixer? Or, if I remember rightly, I was making one and a half times the recipe and anything where you have to use 4 1/2 egg whites is going to be subject to a certain amount of error. Plus I used golden syrup for corn syrup, though usually that works out OK for me. Anyway, it’d be nice to do it properly but the sticky marshmallow version went down a treat, particularly when sprinkled liberally with toasted coconut.

The recipe for the coconut cake is given as a recipe for one whole cake; it started out as one for cupcakes, and was converted to one layered sponge by Steph at Momofuku for 2. The introduction to the recipe on Leite’s Culinaria lauds this approach, as it produces a gorgeous, tall, proud cake all covered in coconut shavings, and they’re right to praise it – it is a Thing of Beauty. However, I broke it back down, since I was making it to take into work and cupcakes are just so much easier than trying to slice one cake into about 25 slices, not to mention the issue of carrying a knife to work. Hello, security? I also used the aforementioned toasted coconut instead of coconut shavings as that’s what I had in the cupboard, and I liked the extra colour they brough against the pale sponge and white frosting.

What I really love about this recipe is the use of coconut milk; all too often I’ve found coconut cake recipes to have just a hint of coconut, or to be quite dry, or (brace yourselves) both. The coconut milk in this recipe means that the cakes have a good, strong flavour and are beautifully soft and moist, too. It’s a stroke of genius from Martha, that’s what I say.

Thus concludes my first Rock Cakes post. Hooray!

Wait, are you hooraying because it’s over or because you’re glad I wrote it?


OK then.


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  1. Yum! I’ve used the recipe for the 7 min frosting before too, and mine didn’t set quite either. I found that using a blowtorch did minimise the stickiness. I plan on making it again to see if I can get a stiffer consistency, maybe a bit more cream of tartar or extra sugar? Any excuse to make it again (and eat them!!)
    Tunnocks products are great. I am lucky enough to live in Scotland so I can get them whenever I want!

  2. Oh good I thought it was just me! Did you use corn syrup or some kind of substitute? I feel like that might have something to do with it.

    I don’t have a blowtorch, I keep eyeing them up though. I’m sure I’d use it and it wouldn’t just gather dust 😉


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