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UFO Cake – Complete With Aliens!

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Again, a post that contains many pictures and few words. The cake is made with (among other things) ground pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil, which is a new discovery for me and quite exciting. I tried to get a photo of the intense colour of the oil, and of the cake mix, but I just couldn’t get the lighting right. Take it from me, it’s a unique oil, with a dark brown-green colour and a strong, earthy taste, along the lines of tahini which I guess makes sense, in a way. I didn’t get to try this cake, but the tiny but I did get while levelling off the middle level was lovely and sweet, with complex flavours and a cool green colour.

The icing is a dairy free white chocolate glaze, finished with edible silver lustre spray. I made sure that the icing didn’t coat my entire house by putting the cake inside a large carrier bag, placed on its side on the worktop, before using short, controlled bursts to coat the surface evenly. Clever, eh?

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