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Cake in the Key of Tiramisu

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Here is a bit more info one the second cake in the cake extravaganza
that was last weekend; tiramisu cake. I’m thankful to say (and you are
probably thankful to hear) that there is less to this one than the
cranachan cake,
which was a recipe of epic proportions. I bored myself so much writing
that post that I can’t bring myself to go back to read it again, which
is probably something I should keep to myself but I’m an honest kind of
gal. I sincerely hope that my boredom was born of over-familiarity with
the recipe and subject matter, having spent so long working on the cake,
and perhaps also of having a slight hangover and wanting to get a post
written and posted in double quick time before going on to ice *another*
cake. At any rate, here I am again with another ruddy cake…

The tiramisu cake consists of a coffee, rum and chocolate sponge and a mascarpone sponge,
sandwiched together with a mascarpone buttercream and dusted with icing
sugar and cocoa powder. The recipe links are embedded in there – I did
make small changes to
both, though, to suit my own particular needs; most notably, using rum
instead of bourbon in the first recipe. I also slightly reduced the
amount of booze and increased the amount of coffee in that cake – it’s a
great recipe, and easy to adjust to suit your own taste, or excellent
made just as it is. I halved the amounts to give one thin, ten-inch
cake, which then became the bottom layer of my tiramisu cake – that’s it
in the picture to the left. Note the work surface is still damp from a
hasty wipe with a sponge, and the white cardboard which is there as much
to hide the mess of icing sugar and crumbs behind it as it is to
reflect light.The sponge does have an odd wrinkly look going for it,
don’t let that put you off. In fact, try to forget that I mentioned it
at all – I don’t think I’ve ever described a cake as wrinkly before. I
don’t think I’ll be doing it again, either.

The only thing I changed in the mascarpone sponge (which is the top
layer in the photo at the head of this post) was to leave out the
Baileys; I’d love to go back and make it again as written though, that
sounds like a great recipe. Sadly, I didn’t get to try this cake either
so I can’t say if it turned out well, but it looked and smelled great,
which are encouraging signs.

The mascarpone buttercream was a simple thing to put together, not
least since I made it up as I went along. I’d halved the mascarpone cake
amounts, too, so I was left with 100g of mascarpone cheese left in the
pack I’d bought. I mixed this in with 150g of plain buttercream (I made a
batch with 250g butter and 400g icing sugar, then split it between this
icing and the cranachan cake icing) and spread it between the two
sponges. It was thinner than
normal buttercream, but the taste was already the right level of sweet,
and it had a creamy texture that was right for this cake. To avoid any
overflowing scenarios when the cake was sliced, I made sure not to
spread it quite to the edges and to press down very firmly when I placed
the top layer on. The amount of icing wasn’t really enough to send a
cascade flowing out over the edges and all over the kitchen like a weird Flake advert
anyway, but it was worth being careful. Look at that photo; I like it
even though it looks a bit like the cake’s on a cliff edge and in
jeopardy of sliding off and into oblivion. I do think that he icing
looks great; once the cake was sandwiched together, I ran a finger round
the edge to give that polished look. Shame that I was clearly leaning
over at a most unusual angle before I took this snap.


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