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Apple and White Cheddar Scones

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Not so much what I think of as a ‘proper’ blog post as just a recipe
link to share with anyone who’s interested. It’s a recipe from, you
guessed it, Leite’s Culinaria, and as such uses the term ‘scones’ in a
different way than I’m used to. I’m not sure what a better word would
be, though – they’re buttery and flaky round the edges, but moist and
appley in the centre. They’re different from what I would traditionally
think of as a scone, then, and they’re also different from the raspberry scones
I made from LC a while back, which were more crumbly throughout.
Suggestions as to a good name for these welcome, although I won’t be
offering a prize because I saw what dreadful trouble that got the BBC
into not so long ago…

The apple and white cheddar scones recipe
calls for patting the dough into a round, then slicing into big wedges.
This resulted in massive portions, which I certainly wasn’t complaining
about, but I think next time I’ll roll out and shape using a cutter, to
make more but smaller scones from the recipe. Then I’ll eat three at a
time. As you can see from the pre- and post-baking photos, they rise and
brown beautifully in the oven. I would thoroughly recommend giving them
a try – there is an extra step at the start, with baking the apples,
but they’re not difficult to put together. I don’t have an electric
mixer, so I used my hand-held one to bring the dough together and I
think that they could be mixed by hand without impairing the end result
any. Go for it, the cheese and apple combination is exceptionally good,
particularly when also combined with butter. The egg wash does give a
lovely finish, too, and while I thought at the time that a milk wash
might do the trick, looking back I think that the egg might add a level
of flavour to the crust that milk couldn’t live up to.


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